How We Get Results



Khan's Tutorial

  • All tutoring for the DREAMChasers Program is provided for by Khan’s Tutorial.

  • Khan's Tutorial has the #1 SHSAT Program in NYC.

  • Since 1994 Khan’s Tutorial has helped over 2,997 students gain acceptance to New York City's Specialized High Schools.

  • Khan’s Tutorial students successfully tutoring 382 students into NYC’s top specialized high schools in 2018.

Weekly Classes & Workshops

  • Students will be required to attend weekly classes specifically designed for DREAMChasers students.

  • The class will consist of approximately 8-10 students.

  • All students are expected to attend classes and complete DREAMChasers homework assignments.



SHSAT Diagnostic Exams

  • Students will sit for SHSAT diagnostic exams every 4-6 weeks.

  • Parent-teacher conferences will be held after every diagnostic exam to discuss progress of the student.

  • Teachers will also provide recommendations on how the student can improve his/her study habits in school and at home.


Program Benefits 

  • Increased likelihood of admission to NYC Specialized High Schools

  • Better grades on report cards at school

  • Preparation for advanced classes in middle and high school

  • Supportive community of friends and mentors


mentor 2.JPG


Each DREAMChasers student will be matched with a mentor. Mentors and mentees will engage in monthly calls to discuss how the student is managing his or her workload. The purpose is to cultivate a bond between the mentor and mentee. 



Mentors will be responsible for not only helping mentees overcome any challenges they incur but also to help them grow as future leaders. Parents/guardians will have an opportunity to meet their child’s prospective mentor and will have final approval on mentor/mentee matching.     

Informational Sessions for Parents & Guardians


Throughout the year, we host an array of informational sessions geared toward parents and guardians.  Speakers will include guidance counselors, SHSAT test administrators, and other education experts with valuable information on how to navigate the specialized high schools exam process.